Who Will Win the 2017-18 NHL Stanley Cup – Sportsbooks Make Their Early Picks

Written by: Brad This entry was posted on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

The Pittsburgh Penguins became the first team in this century to successfully defend the Stanley Cup. Sid the Kid and the Pens will now have their sights set on a three-peat as the new NHL season edges closer and closer.

The Pens may be odds-on favorites, but they will also face a stiff challenge from the Washington Capitals and Edmonton Oilers, who are not that far behind. Let’s take a look at each of the top three contenders’ chances of lifting the cup. And if you’re still in search of a viable sportsbook site for your betting thrills, head on over to our very own sportsbook review section for some tried and tested online bookies.


Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pens have simply been in a different class during the Stanley Cup playoffs over the past couple of years. No matter their goalie or who they lose to injury, they just seem to always find a way to come out on top. Sidney Crosby remains a big reason why they’ve been able to be so resilient, of course. He, Evgeni Malkin, and Phil Kessel lead the most feared attack in the game which features speed, skill, and experience.

However, to ask this team to make a cup run for the third straight year would probably be asking too much. At some point, their gas tank (not to mention their luck) will have to run out, and they likely fall short of the three-peat.

Edmonton Oilers

To the surprise of no one, Connor McDavid is living up to the billing as the league’s next big star. In just his first full season (and second overall), McDavid posted 100 points to win the Hart Trophy en route to leading the Oilers back to the playoffs. The team broke the bank to retain Leon Draisaitl, who should help alleviate some of the pressure off of McDavid. But even at age 20, McDavid is already good enough to carry the Oilers to the cup. While Edmonton might not look to have quite enough depth to make an extended run, bet against McDavid at your own peril.

Washington Capitals

Last year was supposed to be the year the Caps put it all together. Even with superstar Alex Ovechkin slowly starting to slow down, they got contributions up and down the team as they won another President’s Trophy. However, they once again couldn’t find a way past the Pens in the playoffs. At this point, only a delusional maniac would continue to bet on the Caps to overcome Crosby. But if something were to happen to Crosby, the Caps appear to be team best-equipped to take advantage of his absence and make it to the final.

Complete List of Odds

Pittsburgh Penguins +800 Washington Capitals +1,000
Edmonton Oilers +900 Tampa Bay Lightning +1,200
Chicago Blackhawks +1,200 Nashville Predators +1,400
Anaheim Ducks +1,400 New York Rangers +1,400
San Jose Sharks +2,000 Toronto Maple Leafs +1,500
Montreal Canadiens +1,600 Minnesota Wild +1,200
Dallas Stars +1,200 Los Angeles Kings +2,000
Boston Bruins +3,000 Columbus Blue Jackets +2,500
St Louis Blues +2,500 Ottawa Senators +3,300
Calgary Flames +3,000 Florida Panthers +4,000
Philadelphia Flyers +5,000 New York Islanders +4,000
Winnipeg Jets +5,000 Carolina Hurricanes +6,000
Buffalo Sabres +6,000 Arizona Coyotes +15,000
Colorado Avalanche +10,000 Detroit Red Wings +15,000
New Jersey Devils +15,000 Vancouver Canucks +20,000
Vegas Golden Knights +20,000

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