Best Online Sportsbooks Offering Super Bowl 51 Props – January 31, 2017

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The Super Bowl always generate a ton of cool, interesting prop bets, and it covers everything in the event – the game itself, the half-time show, the players, and everything in between.

Below are some of the best online betting sites that offer such. So, if you’re into adding more fun into your viewing of football’s biggest game of the year, read on!



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TopBet entered the business in 2011, and has since then continued its rise as one of the best and most trusted betting sites out there. Excluding only three countries – Curacao, Philippines, and Canda – it welcomes bettors from everywhere in the world. By checking out their news page, you can be sure to also get up-to-date info on various sports games.

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Pinnacle is an “O.G.” of the game, as they are the first of their kind to be licensed in North America. They are considered as one of the most renowned and respectable sports betting sites for the past decade or so.


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You can’t go wrong with Bet365. Forget about being a premier brand in sports betting, they are the premier brand of online gambling. With over seven million users worldwide (across 200-plus countries), Bet365 is among the largest companies in the industry.


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Oddshark joins Bet365 as the most popular sports betting websites today. Along with providing loads of key info bettors need in betting, they also boast a huge database, which goes back to decades and decades of statistics and more.


Here are some of the prop bets for Super Bowl 51:

You’ve got the usual ones, of course…

  • Who will score first: Falcons or Patriots?
  • First play from scrimmage: run, pass, or sack?
  • What will happen first: touchdown or field goal?

And then you’ll likely encounter some of the crazy ones. Like..

  • What will Lady Gaga’s hair color be for the half-time show?
  • Will we hear broadcasters say “Houston, we have a problem?”
  • Will President Donald Trump tweet three or more times during the game?

..and a whole lot more.


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